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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

thrift store finds
Wednesday nights Mariolina goes to class so I get the pleasure of watching Abriele. We spend some of our time as quality girl time and what could be more quality than bargain hunting?
Is it ever too early to start?  :-) You see the noisy little toy and purse she picked out in the last photo? She also got quite a bit of enjoyment out of the coasters. Eight come in the little holder and will help to protect the table tops in my home when Abriele isn't busy stacking them. :-)

New coasters for $.79

Tupperware canister $.69

$.99 toy, $1.99 purse and $2.99 table
There are two pieces of lace for $.99 (for both pictured in the first photo) which I can't wait to use to refashion a t-shirt with; perhaps using one of the ideas I have seen on pinterest. Also I have ideas of how to refurbish the table, especially after reading Amanda's post with step by step on how she re-finished her dining room table. Hers turned out awesome, and since I found one for just $2.99 I could not resist the challenge!!
Abriele spends hours carrying around the little purse and repositioning items in the sections. Note: When I bring something home for one of the children we disinfectant it first before little fingers touch it. We know their hands are always in their mouths so it is important to be careful not to introduce unnecessary  risk to them.
This post linked to two questions Thursday.

  1.  Do you believe that one man's trash is another one's treasure?
  2.  What is your favorite find? I found an eye level cook stove for $18.00 once. I used it for over ten years before it stopped working. It worked wonderfully and I wish I could have gotten it fixed instead of having to let it go.
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