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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grandaughter and grandpa

Something happens to a parent/grandparent when they have a child. Their particular child suddenly seems to be the most precious and beautiful child in the whole world. That is difficult for me, as I have 30 grands and 7 great grands. They all tug at my heart strings. I always am madly in love with the one I am with. :-)

Abriele has had a bit of a virus, which had caused her to mess all her clothes up that her mother had packed for her and as a last resort, I dug through my clothes to find something to keep her warm and found this polo shirt to put on her. We were happily babysitting while Mariolina was in class. Even while she was waddling around the house, as an 11 month old does, we thought she was adorable even in my baggy shirt. My short sleeves nearly covered her arms and the shirt reached the floor tripping our poor little sweetheart as she tried to explore every nook and cranny of the living room. She was ambivalent to the awkwardness and trudged on, often tumbling to her bottom. 

Every moment I thank God for the blessings He has given me and my heart goes out to those who have recently lost loved ones to violence. I could not bear to lose one of these precious little ones. The bill was not passed today in senate, and now those who lost loved ones have resolved to continue the fight to keep assault weapons out of the hands of the public. They deserve to know that their child has not died in vain! 

1. How do you feel about assault weapons?

2. Who gains from these sales?

This post linked to two questions Thursday. Please have a great week. I'm going to bed now. Little folks wear me out and I have work tomorrow. :-) Blessings and hugs!

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Jim April 18, 2013 at 1:34 AM  

Hi Judy ~~ I was about to go to bed but decided to return your comment first.
1. How do you feel about assault weapons?
There is no earthly reason why anyone except law enforcement people need them (and perhaps never for them either). I feel a door-to-door search should be made all over the U.S. and all of them should be destroyed.

2. Who gains from these sales?
Two groups gain:
a. The terrorists and very people with a mixed up understanding of the power in their hands; and
b. Large corporations and their CEO's (goodness knows the stock holders make very little).

Nice questions, Judy.
As of this moment our links are still holding with Mrs. Linky. I will check in the morning.

Colette S April 18, 2013 at 12:02 PM  

Aww she is just precious.
I remember the days when mine were that small and the tumbling and crashing to their little bums were too cute. And yet your heart was out hoping they wouldn't get hurt.

Enjoy the precious time with them. It is such a wonderful blessing to be at the stage of being grandparents.

1. I think I need to learn more on what exactly these are and look like.

2. I don't think any one faction gains, but it's a spread. It's as if you own a flower shop and this is your business, then you'd gain legally. However is someone is selling fake flowers and passing them off as real, then they would gain illegally. If that makes sense.

However, I think citizens should always retain the right to bear arms and should never depend on police for their personal safety.
We have to remember that criminals do not heed laws. Only law abiding citizens do.

Happy Thursday Judy!

Self Sagacity April 18, 2013 at 12:37 PM  

This is a serious question Judy. I don't feel good about them and wish that there are no psychos out there. But that isn't going to happen, so I am depressed when seeing these awful happenings like the Boston bombing.
I think the people who sell them benefit from profits, but I again wish there are less of them.
What happens if the US is weaponless? If other countries know this, would they try to take advantage of the US?

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