Avon has a heart.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Avon brochure

Avon is still the same great product, but now buying is so much easier!!

Baby girl is selling Avon. I sold Avon for almost 10 years. I stopped selling it, not because  of the product, because  Avon sells itself, but because I was working two jobs and delivering orders just did not fit into my busy schedule. Actually, right after I quit they came up with this nifty little tool where your customers can browse and order online and their merchandise is shipped directly to them. Wow! Why didn't they do this when I was a rep?

Free shipping.

Right now the order can be placed online and shipping is free with the code "EARTH" if your order totals $10.00 or more. I've got my order in and I was able to pay for it using my paypal account. All items are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Avon has a heart.

Another good thing about purchasing your items, whether it is healthy and beauty, cosmetics or home decor is that you have the knowledge that Avon contributes to breast cancer awareness and supports domestic violence campaigns. They really care about women, inside and out. I can pluck down my $.99 for deodorant and know that a portion of the proceeds for that item goes to a good cause and actually I am paying less to buy it. It is such a win/win situation! Of course I bought more than deodorant. :-)

Thank you for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!!

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