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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take a stand against bullying!

Some people just never grow up and I have someone very near and dear to me who was working with some of those so called "adults". Just because they have their own place, and their own car, and their own job, doesn't mean they are  adults especially when they treat others irresponsibly because they are not of the same ethnic background that they are!  Last I knew we were all created by the same wonderful God.  These people thought it was all right to tell racist jokes, call my relative several ugly racial slurs throughout the day every day and cook up on him to get him fired. One of the ones who was the ring leader was the boss's son.

Now we are in a quandary.  He has a family to support. He needs employment and the agency that got him this job is looking for another for him and he should be working shortly, but every dime of every pay check was needed.

My questions:

1. Does he fight back? I have encouraged him to because if no one before us had ever stood for justice women would not vote today. Blacks would still not be allowed to eat with us and so many more inequalities... I am married to a black man, which even during my life time was outlawed in certain states.  We have come a long way, but the journey is just beginning! Of course it is up to him.

2.  Where should he start? I have looked up some lawyers who fight against unjust work practices for free forwarding the links to him, and this employer should really be more careful. They work on government contracts. I am sure the government would not sanction this type of behavior!

Join us at Amanda's for two questions Thursday. I am so grateful that I work with grown ups! Thank you for your visit. Take care and God bless!

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Jim July 25, 2012 at 10:58 PM  

This is tough, Judy, really tough on him and then on all of his and your families.

1. Yes, he should fight back but I don't know how. Best not to get fired until he has the new job. Since he wants another anyway, probably waiting until he leaves and then do his fighting. It won't help him unless he gets retribution money but it may help others like him who come there.

2. I think the lawyer would have the best ideas because they 'have been there' before, or should have been if they are to become his lawyer. (We don't want them practicing on him.)
Someone who has been through all of this or a help group from his ethnic background would also be of help.

Fortunately for myself or my kids (that I know of) we haven't experienced this on the job. My SIL is of another race and does well. I have not seen any others being taken advantage of because of their races on any jobs I have had either. Of course this is Houston where we pretty well live and let live.

CHAN LEE PENG July 25, 2012 at 11:16 PM  

I think he shouldn't fight first till he found a new job.

Icy BC July 26, 2012 at 7:19 AM  

I am sure there are some lawyers out there that would love to build a case against the boss/boss's son, but I would wait until he is fired, and has another job.

Adults can be BULLY too! Look around you, administrators, bosses, teachers, coaches, are the best example to watch on how they treat the kids or employees.

Cathy Kennedy July 26, 2012 at 9:33 AM  

The cruel reality is there will always be prejudice in our world - no matter how far will progress in the way see think. It's not right. I think the best thing for him is to seek employment elsewhere while praying he can find a company & co-workers who are like-minded as him. In this economy, it pays to be very conservative with one's job. Sometimes this means you just have to suck up the uncomfortablenss of a situation until things change. After he leaves, he needs to weight the pros and cons of taking it to a legal scale. I just don't know what to tell you or your son. I can stand with you in prayer, though. I know God takes care of His children. God bless! ^.^

Anne Lyken-Garner July 27, 2012 at 11:28 AM  

It all depends on his needs. Some people may not want to fight back because they need the job badly.

However, it's right to fight back. He could write a letter to the inequality organisation citing specific things done to him and dates and witnesses. Keep a diary and record each and every one of them.

Once he collects this, he's got the evidence he needs. If they fire him he's got grounds for prejudicial sacking. This is about all I know.

BTW, I had a floating share button like yours and I had to get rid of it. They don't work that well any more. They hide a lot of your text.

JamericanSpice July 27, 2012 at 3:27 PM  

That is heartbreaking.
I think if he wants to, then he should fight. Why? Because he has the experience and know that it will continue when he is gone and another person might not be so lucky as to make it out alive or leave others alive.

2. If he writes a letter to the head, things might get worse, but he should prepare for this.
And keep copies and document everything.
Then he should write to the police
And then to somewhere in the government body in regards to fair employment etc.

But I agree he should fight. We are where we are for a reason and sometimes fear keeps us from standing strong, but that very fear can cause much change in a country with racists like those.

I send prayers.

SquirrelQueen July 28, 2012 at 4:01 AM  

You are so right Judy, some people never grow up. Yes, he should definitely fight back. As Anne said, he needs to document every incident with dates and times. Are any of the other employees getting this same treatment? If so they need to get together, several voices will carry more weight in a discrimination case.

He is probably thinking that he will be rid of these people soon so why bother. But the next employee will have to go through this same harassment if it doesn't stop now.

Self Sagacity August 4, 2012 at 1:06 AM  

If you want to talk about work inequality let's have another blog about it! smiles. Sorry I somehow missed this question from your blog.
1) I don't recommend him fighting back, especially if it's the boss's son. I think what has happened to him is terrible and it is very juvenile. It is abusive and it should be tolerated. I don't think he can do anything within that place, meaning the complains has to be elsewhere higher.
My experiences with work place problem is that they don't really take care of the employee, especially contractors, HR is almost always for management and the employee has to be oh so careful in everything he complains about, does he have witnesses? Will the witness stand with him, if he complaints? Without the witness, it would be he say she say, so very hard for your relative to defend himself. If he doesn't win, he not only wasted a lot of time, but burn a bridge. Although he might not even care about this particular bridge after all.
2) Employment law, he could go to the labor department and file a racist complaint, they take that seriously. Make sure he has all the info he needs before he goes!

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