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Sunday, April 29, 2012

                          My Dream Kitchen


Who doesn’t love looking at homes?

And why you are looking, dreaming…who hasn’t pictured the ideal dream home, the one you can hurry home to after a stressful day at work? Fortunately dream homes differ from person to person and homes for sale can be found in many desirable places so there should be that perfect home for each individual. When I look at homes, I visualize built in book cases in the stairwell going upstairs, a fire place, my own office and of course, a huge kitchen with lots of cupboards and a dining area. I want at least two bathrooms, one on each level.

Correcting your credit report can be very tedious.

Anyone who is looking for their dream home or ways to turn the home they already own into their perfect home, know it requires money, planning, and a good credit score. When I was trying to get approved for my home, I had to dig up receipts for bills which I had paid for long ago never realizing they were still showing up as unpaid on my credit report. I worked diligently to correct my credit report. It was bothersome and time consuming involving calling previous creditors and supplying them with copies of my receipts. Each time I sent the paperwork, I would send it return receipt requested and usually it would take follow up calls to get the report corrected.Once corrected I was approved to purchase my own first home.

Are you looking for a mortgage or help with an existing mortgage?

Before you go through what I went through, make sure this is the home you want. A mortgage is for a very long time. Get a home warranty if available, and go with someone who has been down this road  a few times. Experience is a great teacher and you should take advantage of learning from those who know. Find the cheapest mortgage and the type that fits your budget. They are not all mortgages are the same and the more you know the better off you are. This company specializes in home mortgages, home equity mortgages and other types of loans. Before you make your important decision; consult, consult, consult. 

Thanks for your visit today, take care and God bless!

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Thankful Thursday - Intervention

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I stumbled across the first book of the trilogy, "Child Called "It"" some time ago and the words on the book jacket grabbed me.  I read the entire blurb, glanced at the price and put it back on Target's shelf. Even with the store discount, it was more than I could afford. Mind you, it was not overpriced. The gripping story was worth every penny of what the asking price was; it just wasn't in my budget. Then last year I found the entire trilogy for just $.25.  This photo is borrowed from Wikipedia as I lent my book out. It is making its rounds in my circle of family and friends. 

His mother was his enemy.


Red Admiral Butterfly and Lilacs

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red Admiral butterfly on lilacs.

Red Admiral butterfly on lilacs

Red Admiral butterfly on lilacs

Red Admiral butterfly on lilacs

Red Admiral butterfly on lilacs Mosaic

Click on the pictures to see them up close. This post linked to  Macro Monday, and Mosaic Monday! Thank you for your visit, take care, stay healthy and God bless!


Reflection of a Dogwood

dogwood reflection

dogwood reflection

Dogwood reflection

If you play with photo editing with photoscape you may have come across this editing feature under "filter" called reflection.  I have actual photos with reflections in them, but with these I added them after the fact. Linking this post to week end reflection. Thanks so much for your visit. Take care, God bless and stay healthy!

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Red Admiral Butterflies on the Bush

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Admiral Butterfly on Lilac Bush

Red Admiral Butterfly on Lilac Bush

Red Admiral Butterfly and Lilac Bush

Bumble bees and  butterflies
Are  a beautiful surprise
The pretty little butterflies 
Come flitting through the skies
Landing on the lilac bush
Offering a friendly pose.

As the sweet perfume
Of the pretty lilac bloom

Wafts up to greet my nose

Nature by God
poem by

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Stored Energy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

When my oldest son brought home an air compressor he could not stop talking about all the possibilities. He told me that with an air compressor he could use it perform many different tasks to make extra money in addition to his regular job. As a parent of several growing children, he is always looking for ways to not only make money but to save it. The job market is tight, and this looks like a wonderful solution.

Basically an air compressor is stored energy.

Did you know that with an air compressor you can use it to power several different power tools such as a drill, grinder, spray paint gun and so forth? Equipment which runs with the use of an air compressor runs more economically, and smoother while lasting longer than when run with other forms of energy.

Protect your investment

Helping my son to learn about his acquisition, I searched online to learn more about the use and maintenance of air compressors. We found an online site which carries and services Ingersoll Rand compressor parts and learned that one of the secrets to maintaining your air compressor so that you can extend the life of your product is to use an air oil separator. The separator is essential to the efficient running of your air compressor as it removes the compressor lubricant from the air stream and returns it to the main oil sump where it can continue to be used over and over again. Searching this site I was able  to provide my son with much needed information and a telephone number for a live consultant. If you have or use an air compressor, you may want to check out their site. We found them to be very helpful.

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Thankful Thursday - Blogging

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little by little
We meet in the middle
We compare notes
And we share quotes
Photos are edited
Photos are credited
Warm thoughts are given
Missteps forgiven
Wisdom is shared
And feelings are bared


Are you bit by the blogging bug?

I started blogging to share my articles at Triond, but you know what, I haven't posted an article there in a month, really! I have not missed a month of posting there since I joined up in 2007 but the pay has gone down so low. I made around $5.00 for my over 300 articles last month. But in the meantime I have been bit by the blogging bug. There are some themes "memes" I like better than others, but I loved blogging before I even became aware of the "memes". How about you? 

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? 

I love the ones that challenge us to think, like Amanda's Thursday two questions, ABC Wednesday, and the microfiction challenge. It's fun to look at all the photos and happenings.

2. What would you like to do with your blog that you feel limited on? 

I see so many of your lovely blogs that do things I am clueless on, like Amanda, Icy and some others give a summary of a post then put the link to read more. Amazing! How do they do that? I would like to find a quicker way to return visits. I click on a name it takes me to a profile then I have to search through a list of their blogs to decide which one to visit. I would like to go right to their post.

This post linked to Thursday Two Questions! Thank you for your visit. Take care, stay healthy, and God bless!!


Cottony Clouds and a Golden rain tree

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Golden rain tree against a cloudy sky

Golden rain tree against a cloudy sky

Golden rain tree against a cloudy sky

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The water is a mirror

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This was taken just a few weeks ago. The pond waters were so calm, like glass....

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Android vs Kodak; Reflection of a Reflection

Sunday, April 8, 2012

reflection of a reflection

The skies can't keep their secret! They tell it to the hill-
The hills just tell the orchards- And they the daffodils! 
by Emily Dickinson
I am always trying to discover the secrets of the skies. :-) 

I caught this glimpse of the sun beginning to head down around 7 pm and snapped the picture quickly with my cell phone, but afterwards took my little point and shoot Kodak to take it again as I am not confident in my ability to take a quality picture with the cell phone yet. I liked the way the mirror caught the reflection of the reflection in the car window so what we have here is a reflection of a reflection. Can you tell which ones are taken with the camera and which the cell?

This post linked to Weekend Reflection. Thanks so much for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!


Seize the Opportunity!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seize the Opportunity

Happiness comes from hard work! 

This was my fortune cookie when we went out to eat the other night and my family thought it was kind of fitting as my nickname is "HardworkinJudy"

Take a chance at happiness!


Just thought I would share a little wisdom :-) with you, and also the chance to win $200. Take your chance by clicking here! Thanks Colette for telling us that it now has doubled!

Thanks for the visit, take care, stay healthy and God bless!


The Sun Plays a Game upon the Wall

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shadows fall on the wall

The sun does it all

Along with the things that block the light 

That make your shadows fall just right. 

I played with the blinds trying to let just the right amount of sun into the room to see without having to turn on the light ...Here I was thinking I was adjusting the light but it dawned on me that I have no control over how much sunlight there is, just how much I see....

Hey! Did you notice that picture that kind of looks different from the shadow shots? How did that get in there? 

I confess, I stuck it in there to let you know that there is a $100. Facebook giveaway going on. If you win and don't want it, send it my way. :-)!! But you can't win if you don't play.

This post linked to Shadow Shot Sunday. Without light there is no shadow, and I pray there will always be light in your life! Thank you for visiting. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!

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