Making a little birdhouse condo for my condo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest post written by Wendy Horace

Retirement has really been treating me great for this past year. I'm not that surprised because I think that retirement's reputation has been pretty accurate up until this point. But I'd like to make my new condo seem a little more like home. I'm still adjusting to condo living.
I used to have quite a few birdfeeders on my front porch at my old house and loved looking at all the birds that would come to them. Well, I decided I would do that again and take the time to make my own little birdhouse. I have all this free time to make a birdhouse now, so I looked online for a plan and when I was doing that I saw the website DebtSettlementFamily. I retired from my regular job, but I'm waiting tables to help pay off my debt and would love to get into actual retirement very soon.
I found some plans for a birdhouse condo and couldn't resist trying to make one of those myself! It's a little bigger than the birdhouse that I originally planned to make, but now that I found the directions, I know that I have to make that.


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