Badges Protect your Identity

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Badges create a secure work area

Policy and procedure on many jobs requires a badge to enter the work area. They work in a secure work environment. Badges are a crucial tool used to keep the security of their job intact. They are used in the medical field and also by employees who handle utility bills, mortgage companies and credit card companies.They restrict persons who have no need to be around your personal information from having access to that information. 

Companies can use id badge printers to create a unique badge for each employee. A certain code is keyed into the badge which identifies each particular employee to determine that no one is allowed within the secure work environment that is not skilled in the levels of protection which must be taken to ensure the privacy of the clients. 

The federal government has passed a law called the privacy law, which has been created to ensure that callers other than those whose accounts are being discussed are not privy to personal information on anyone else’s account. Now in keeping with the idea of protecting each individual’s information, we must be certain that no one is allowed to see computer screens holding private information that are not bound by these policies. Another way to assist in keeping our privacy intact and protecting our vital information from falling into the wrong hands or eyes is to require unique identification cards for employees that handle our personal information. Many organizations and agencies are now purchasing id card printers to enable them to complete this task. 

It is good to know that the necessary steps are being taken to ensure the protection of our privacy. Thanks so much for your visit today. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!

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What's your idea of home?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A condo/town house in Colorado


Hubby and I differ about our idea of home. 

I bought my house in 1994. Hubby and I started dating shortly after and we married and have lived in this home since then. He pays his grandsons to mow the lawn and a cousin to shovel the snow. Hubby is not a handyman. He retired from work a few years back, and I have a few to go before I can do the same. It was my dream to own my own home, but not his. He would prefer to rent. He is tired of the repair bills mounting and yard maintenance so the idea of selling our home and renting one is beginning to appeal to him more and more, while the idea of paying rent for something I could own is frustrating to me.

 Perhaps there is a welcome compromise.

While looking online the other day I came across Denver CO real estate and it hit me. Perhaps we could purchase a condo. Some condos come with yard maintenance and home maintenance built into the purchase price. They have beautiful grounds that are kept up nicely. As I searched around their site, I found an area where you can subscribe to listings and get the daily updates in your email. You can request your preferences and your area at Colorado Denver real estate.  Colorado has been high on my list of places I would love to visit, but they have many homes listed and not just in Colorado, but list some other states as well. The listings are very competitive, and serviced by some of the best trained real estate agents. If you are looking to relocate this tool could prove invaluable as it provides you with all the information you need before you make your move such as the nearest schools, ratio of teacher to student, income, neighborhood trending and so forth.

Simply fill out their short form giving them an idea of your ideal purchase price, whether you want a home, condo, or a town home. How many square feet would you like, minimum number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garage spaces?  There is a place to enter other requirements or comments, click continue and then you can start your selection and take a virtual tour of homes that meet your criteria. The home pictured is a fully furnished condo/town home. It’s fun to dream isn’t it?


Get ready for a scorcher!

Friday, March 23, 2012

We are getting ready for a hot humid summer.

I have never lived in a home with air conditioning so technically our home does not have HVAC. I have heating, of course, but the ventilation and air conditioning portion of that acronym is not one of the luxuries we own. Last year Michigan had a solid month of high temperatures with a heat index of 110 F and with the early spring we have had so far this year, meteorologists are predicting a record breaking summer. Michigan is surrounded by water, so when we have heat, it is the humid kind and makes one very uncomfortable so I am doing my homework by researching online. Before I ever approach hubby with an idea I research. I anticipate the questions that he will ask, so I can be ready.:-)

Some people believe air conditioning is bad for arthritis.

Hubby says air conditioning is bad for his arthritis so that is one of the first things I want to look at. He is right; air conditioning can affect arthritis and neuritis. It can cause trouble for those with sinus congestion, causing blockages. BUT, I can tell dear hubby that these are generally the result of overuse. Why do we find that our seniors go to warmer climates in the winter; warmer climates where running an air conditioner is common practice? Air conditioning used properly is not detrimental to your health.

The problem results from setting the air conditioner too low.

Problems associated with air conditioning are from those who work or spend long hours out of doors in sweltering heat and then come inside to an office or home where the air conditioning unit is set too low. Making your home temperature too low will cause stress on the body. The body does not do well with extreme temperature changes. We should look for a comfortable level and not operate under the consumption that “more is better”.

With air conditioning more is not better.

It is recommended to set the air conditioner at the temperature of 78%. It takes 60% more energy to cool your home to 72% than 78% and the body adapts better to a temperature that is slightly cooler than to one that is a lot cooler. Not only is it better for you to have the air conditioner set at 78% but it will save you a lot on your energy bill.

Reasons to enjoy air conditioning in your home:

  • An air conditioner will help you to be more active in your home. We all know that a sedentary life style is detrimental to any and every one. Trying to move around in your home when the temperature is sweltering is just as bad, if not worse for your health!!
  • Air conditioners help to remove dirt from the air.
  • They also improve the water level in the air we breathe. 
  • Air conditioning is important for those with breathing issues, such as asthma.
  • Air conditioning helps us to avoid heat rashes associated with muggy scorching heat.

I was able to get some wonderful information from HVAC Cedar Park and Round Rock AC, now to run this by hubby. :-) Wish me luck.

Thanks for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and cool :-) and God bless.


Making a little birdhouse condo for my condo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest post written by Wendy Horace

Retirement has really been treating me great for this past year. I'm not that surprised because I think that retirement's reputation has been pretty accurate up until this point. But I'd like to make my new condo seem a little more like home. I'm still adjusting to condo living.
I used to have quite a few birdfeeders on my front porch at my old house and loved looking at all the birds that would come to them. Well, I decided I would do that again and take the time to make my own little birdhouse. I have all this free time to make a birdhouse now, so I looked online for a plan and when I was doing that I saw the website DebtSettlementFamily. I retired from my regular job, but I'm waiting tables to help pay off my debt and would love to get into actual retirement very soon.
I found some plans for a birdhouse condo and couldn't resist trying to make one of those myself! It's a little bigger than the birdhouse that I originally planned to make, but now that I found the directions, I know that I have to make that.


Thankful Thursday - Plumbers

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One of my children moved back home for a while and brought two children with her. Things happen and sometimes we need some help to get back on our feet. Hubby and I understood but our budget exploded! Groceries cost twice as much, and so did the gas, electric and the water. But the water bill strangely more than doubled. As each month followed another we were getting further and further behind in our bills. 

Once my daughter was able she and her children moved back out on their own and as we watched the utility and grocery bills went back to their original cost, but not the water bill. It only went down a few dollars! I went into the water department and talked to them for possible reasons for the increase in cost and they suggested we check for leaks. The kitchen, and bathroom sink both dripped. The bathtub dripped too and the toilet ran if you did not wiggle the handle after using it. We went from our previous three month bill of between $40.00 to $50.00, to one of around $160.00. Now we needed to rework the budget to get our plumbing fixed and see if plumbing repairs would make a difference in our water bill. 

Hubby and I are cautious spenders, and he is a senior. Any time we can save money with his senior discount, we do, so we began to search online. We found Temecula plumbers which offered a discount for seniors of 62 years of age or more. We just had to mention their site when we made our call. They also offered a discount if you were getting multiple repairs.  We met both qualifications. Murrieta plumbing services offers free estimates and takes care of a wide range of plumbing needs from the dripping faucet to a major plumbing job like installing a new kitchen or bathroom. We have been trying for a number of years to get a bathroom installed on the lower level of our home. Maybe we can save enough on our bills to finally make that dream come true!

1. Is there a major or minor repair in your home that you have been putting off?

2. Do you do repairs yourself or call a professional?

This post linked to Thursday Two Questions! Join Amanda at Self Sagacity and enjoy the conversation that has already started. What are you waiting for?

P.S. My water bill is back down to $40 - $50.00 after we got the leaks repaired!

Thanks for visiting me today. Take care, God bless, and stay healthy!

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A Sky that Makes You Turn Around!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

D-I-L and I were out  and about last week and stopped at the gas station. Glancing in my rear view mirror, I quickly grabbed my camera and took the first three pictures while she was in the store. She came out  laughing and shaking her head "Oh Mama, there you go again!" (You know she has affectionately tagged me the "sky stalker") It's tough being related to a blogger. :-)

The third one I took just up the street at Walmarts. Don't you just love the ever changing sky? If so please visit Skywatch Friday and Weekend Reflection. It was the reflection after all that started it all, or correctly the sky!!

Thanks so much for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!


Spring is Coming!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This post linked to Mosaic Monday, Today's Flowers & Mellow Yellow Monday. Thanks for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless.


Thankful Thursday - Celebrations

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Remember the song that starts out "Celebrate good times. Come on.  Celebrate..." We had family, a beautiful sunny day, friends, a water slide, a bubble machine, games and lots of wonderful food. My camera, for some unknown reason kept locking up, but I did get some nice pictures. I was persistent, very persistent, as I love to look back at the photos later. It's like reliving the event. I treasure photos more so than gifts. Hats off to Ruby and Aaron for planning such a fun event.

1.) How about you? Do your photos mean a lot to you?

2.) What is your favorite way to celebrate?

How ever you celebrate, I hope you have many wonderful events to celebrate. Please visit Amanda's blog to join in a celebration of conversation :-) @ Two Questions Thursday.

Thank you for your visit. Take care, stay health and God bless!


Grand River

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I pulled these out of my photo archives from last fall. They are photos of Grand River which threads itself through Michigan in many areas. I have taken many photos of the Grand River, in fact the previous post boasts one. :-) 

This post linked to Weekend reflection. Thanks so much for your visit. Take care, stay healthy, enjoy your weekend and God bless!

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