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Sunday, October 23, 2011

She tried to be ambivalent about her husband's new interest, carving pumpkins but with her morning sickness, this pumpkin was just too much! 140

Every week Grandma's Goulash posts a picture and you can submit either 140 words or characters to the challenge.  She also provided us with the word ambivalent to add a little more challenge. Why not try your hand, it's fun and Design 215 makes the counting easier.

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Grand River Reflections

This post linked to Weekend reflection. I  hope you are having a blessed weekend. Won't you stop by and see what James has in store for you?


Dancing Hearts

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twas a windy day with leaves a dancin
When I spied the hearts I did imagine
That the cheery yellow was meant for me
Sending love from yonder tree

 Hurriedly I scooped them up
Carried them home in a drinking cup
Laid them out on 'n took their picture
For a gloomy day they were the cure.
nature by God
poem by Judy

This post inspired by God and Clytie. Please visit God and Clytie often. :-) You can find Clytie at Guest Heart Thursday! You can find God everywhere. Thanks so much for your visit. Take care and God bless!


The Fountain at the Market

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There were no surprises of cranes, ducks or even birds today, just the lovely leaves beginning to turn gold... The weather was chilly and I quickly snapped just a few pictures and got back in my car to go back home. Thanks for visiting me today, please join us for Watery Wednesday and if it's too cold to get your feet wet, how about your eyes?

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Murder Mystery or Prank?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This was their first day on the force and they received a frantic call from someone reporting a murder at this site. The two officers looked at one another wondering whether this had perhaps been a prank to initiate them, did the caller get the house number wrong, or was it real? The house looked like it was the victim because what human in their right mind would set foot inside it? The hideous peeling paint was no doubt lead based and the porch unfit to hold the weight of anything weighing more than a pound.  

The stench was unbelievable!

This post linked to Saturday Centus. I hope I complied with the rules. Thanks Jenny for the opportunity to play and thanks everyone for their visit! Take care and God bless!



Welcome Little Ones!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This happy father came home from military duty to swap his uniform for a pair of scrubs. Scrubs have been protecting us from germs for a very long time. Just the last few months I have the good fortune to become the grandparent to three new grand daughters and the first thing I wanted to do was to hold and touch them. Many hospitals require the use of scrubs to protect infants from the germs that are present on our street clothing. Take a peek at our three new additions! 

Infants are particularly vulnerable to viruses and bacteria so it is important to protect them. So are hospital patients who are fighting off infections so wearing scrubs is one vital way that medical staff uses to assist in that battle. 

I have always been very satisfied with the performance of my Blue Sky Scrubs which can be located here They out wore any others that I owned, kept their colors bright, and never needed ironing. Their scrub sets always looked impeccable which was important to me because I worked two jobs working at the doctor's office from 8:30 to 4:30 then at a pharmacy till 10:00 with no break in between. It was important to look professional in both positions.

Right now Blue Sky Scrubs is running a special campaign where for every purchase of their  Pink Ribbon line they will contribute $1.00 towards a cure for breast cancer.

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first image source: father with twins


Thankful Thursday - For those special moments

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You know there are two kinds of moments that seem to stand out in my mind; the duh moment and the ah hah moment. When I have a day with more ah hah moments than duh moments, it is a good day for me! :-) 

I have been taking photos with the same camera for about a year. I had an Olympus before and the tulip picture meant macro shooting for flowers. This point and shoot Kodak has a picture of a tall tulip and a short tulip standing side by side. I have used it several times and only got satisfactory photos on a few occasions. Well, the other day as I was scrolling through the choices I came across one with a single short tulip and it read for flower shots 28 inches or closer. Hmmm... How many months did I have to wait for this ah hah moment? Not telling, but I like the photos better! I admit it, I am not tech savvy. :-)

I think God may have made me a little slow in some areas to improve my patience. Have you ever noticed how when someone has to teach you something they act like it is such an imposition? I  try very hard not to come across like that. God did not make us all the same and we should not expect all people to grasp the same concepts as easily. People do not learn well when you make them feel stupid so I try to reassure and help them to move forward. Icy BC, Chan, and Ruthi do that for me in my ignorance of computer issues. Thanks, guys!!

1) What are your areas of expertise?
2) Do you enjoy teaching others?

Please join us at Amanda's Two Question Thursday for a lively conversation. You pick the topic and we will all join in.


M is for Mother

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is a Meaningful picture to Me, My Mother, My sister, My neice
We were at My father's anniversary Memorial, thankfully he had Made peace
The three Mothers sat transfixed by the video screen
Of pictures taken of loved ones gone
From birth to old age and between
As the pictures displayed
Grief made way for joy
Because love has such strength
That not even death can destroy!

When I thought of the letter "M" for ABC Wednesday I immediately thought of my mother, as my mother is truly all that a woman and mother should be.  Even in her grief in losing my father, the love radiated in her face as she watched a memorial film the funeral home put together from some pictures we had given them.

Please join others in celebrating ABC Wednesday. Thank you for visiting me and God bless.


Shown up by Grandma!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grandma was resplendent today, down to her matching handle on her lovely silver cane. Was that why her grand daughter raced ahead of her? ~137~

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Why You Shouldn't Vacuum

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brought to you by your friends at

It took my getting a job as a sales person for a cleaning system to realize how actually worthless most vacuum cleaners are. While learning how to perform our demo we would compare our system against the top name vacuum cleaners, but once in the field we would demonstrate against whatever it was the household was using at the time. We would vacuum an area of the carpeting several times then repeat with our cleaning system afterwards. 

Vacuums are notorious for leaving dirt behind.

Every time we went behind their vacuum and cleaned the same area the dirt we picked up was amazing. The system worked on a water filtration system and the debris was removed and taken out of the house once the demo was complete.The results were shocking and made believers of almost everyone who witnessed the performance.

While most vacuum cleaners are able to remove an enormous amount of dirt and dust from the home, they leave nearly an equal amount behind and not only that they blow this *nasty stuff into the air as you busily vacuum. Cleaning your home with a vacuum cleaner is like chasing feathers on a windy day. You can never get them all! Vacuum cleaners are just not up to the task.

*This nasty stuff consists of dust mites (possibly scabies), allergens, food particles, pollen, dust, dirt and so forth. If you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of Austin, TX. there is carpet cleaning in Austin that  uses a water filtration method similar to the one I was taught and it will get your carpet cleaner than you ever imagined possible.

This post linked to Thursday Two Questions. Join the conversation there.  Find out what everyone is talking about.

All of us women are rather particular about something in our home and want it done just right. 

1. What is your pet project? I am very picky about many things in my home, for example I insist on putting the dishes away myself because I hate looking for them! Have you noticed how no one else puts things in the right place?

2. Is there something you would prefer someone else do for you? I wish someone would please take out the garbage! :-)


Sunset over the lake

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Any time I am out and about (and have a moment or two to spare) if I see a pretty sky I head to the lake. It is my absolutely favorite place to be when the sun is setting. This post linked to Watery 

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Where's the Rainbow, Teach?

Monday, October 3, 2011

His teacher told him he could see a rainbow if he sprayed the garden hose in the sun, but he also called him pugnacious, whatever that is! ~138~

This post linked to Succinctly yours. Grab the picture and join the challenge. Design 215 has a tool to make counting easier too. Thanks so  much for visiting me today. Take care and God bless.

BTW, have you seen my new blog called The Chapter Challenge? Our church minister challenged us to read the Bible cover to cover one chapter at a time and I was inspired to take on the challenge.

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