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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My baby girl asked me for a favor.

She even offered to pay me but her request intrigued me and I would feel uncomfortable to take money from my child who is struggling as hard or harder to make ends meet than I am and (coincidentally) is raising five of my grandchildren.

What is the favor?

She thought it would be helpful to have inspiring things written in calligraphy and hanging at strategic points in her home. She knows I love to do calligraphy and also love to inspire. She had me hooked at the mere mention of this project. I ran right out to buy card stock and pens. Have you any suggestions? This is the first poem I thought was clever. I found it in Inspiring Thoughts for Mothers available from Church Resource Distributors. If interested, I have their telephone number. :-) The butterflies are free and they also have down-loadable coloring pages.

Are you worsted in a fight?
Are you cheated of your right?
Laugh it off!
Don't make tragedies of trifles,
Don't shoot butterflies with rifles,
Laugh it off!
Does your work get into kinks?
Are you near all kinds of brinks?
If it's sanity your after,
There's no recipe like laughter.
Laugh it off!
~Modern Methods~

They joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

Spiritual Musing Sunday. Take care and God bless!


Thankful for the warmth inside

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving was a beautiful day, inside that is. Outside it was foggy, cold, and rainy! The wind was fierce. I haven't checked yet to see if my garbage cans and lids are still at home. :-) We had a wonderful time with family and enjoyed delicious food and company. I hope yours was just as awesome. Please join us in our skywatch Friday. I am interested to see what the sky looks like in your neck of the woods.

Take care and God bless!

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Two Questions Quandary

My friend Jeannie had applied for a job once as a nurses aid for a woman who had a beloved but finicky cat.
The family had interviewed applicant after applicant before Jeannie heard about the job. She knew that in order to land the job she had to win the friendship of the ladies cat. This cat was very particular. (She snapped at me last week end when I mistook her for S.T. and pet her. ) I should have paid attention! :-) Meet Muffin, pictured.

Muffin would just as soon not be bothered by people, but has warmed up to my friend Jeannie and her husband. 1.) How do you think Jeannie won her over? You may have read about her trick in my cat nip article.

Question 2. What is the strangest thing you ever did to get a job? I remember when I lived in New York I walked many blocks on foot early each morning until I found a job. I could not afford the money for tokens so I would start out early in the morning walking around 100 blocks a day until I landed a job. Jobs are hard to come by now days, but they weren't easy then. To find employment one may have to be persistent. Sometimes several people are vying for the same job.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. If you have the time join us in  Two Questions Thursday. This is such a great way to get to know one another. Thanks Blessed Reflections for hosting this!



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Signs, stunning sunsets, spectacular sunrises, sweet surprises, and how about me?
I'm a Sheldon. That starts with S too. Now isn't that super?

Join us in ABC Wednesday. This week is special with "s" and don't forget to leave your Signature.


Are you facing burn out?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I have to apologize because the red of the fire did not come out in the photo so am adding a picture of some red leaves I took last week to remain in keeping with our theme. Many of the leaves are beginning to disappear here in Michigan, and the way the weather has been it would be nice to sit before the fire and warm ourselves. 

I read about a minister who was concerned about some of his members who had missed a lot of church recently. He made it a point that day to stop and visit a number of them before heading home for dinner with his family. At the first parishioner's home he was invited in to sit near the fire. He rubbed his hands together, enjoying the warmth. He inquired about the gentleman's health and that of his family. "Fine, fine , Reverend" was the  man's response. Then the reverend stood and took a tool lying near the fireplace. He selected a log from the fire that was burning very nicely. He removed the log from the burning pile of wood and laid it by itself. Then he returned to his seat near the gentleman and watched quietly as the fire left the log. He noticed that the gentleman was also intent upon the dying embers in the solitary log.

Then he slowly arose from his seat, made his apologies as he had others to call upon  so he needed to leave.  As he stood the gentleman stood also. "O-K, Reverend, I understand, the family and I will be there next Sunday. Thank you for calling on me." 

Church is not a building. We are the church. Our bodies are His temple, and as such they need communion with other saints to keep their fires burning. Don't try to keep your fire lit on your own.

Thanks so much for visiting me today. Please join us in  Ruby  Tuesday @ WorkofthePoet.blogspot and have a great and colorful week! Take care and God bless!


Sexual Harassment: a Subtle Rape

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A lot has  happened in a very relative short time span. My lap top was stolen, which has put me way back in my computer tasks. Then an issue has reared its ugly head at Triond which has caused Icy, Chan, and many other of my fellow writers much concern. Many sexually provocative titles have made their way into our dashboards, and news feeds. These same articles are being promoted with links on our own personal publications. 

There have been many comments and emotions raging back and forth and some progress is finally being felt. In the midst of this I wrote an article about sexual harassment hoping to clarify some of these issues as our parent publisher is not located in the U.S. Such an issue is taken seriously here, but in some parts would scarcely cause one to blink an eye. I was not sure where it would all end and was prepared to remove all of my 200+ articles which I had published over the last 3 1/2 years in order to maintain my integrity and that of my readers. It is as if I can finally take a breath and stop and smell the roses. :-) Well, how about gerbera daisies? These were posing for me the other day at Meijer.

Thanks so much for the support Icy, Chan, CA, Darlene, Pam (Angelgirlpj), Raju, Anaradha, Uma, Phoenix, Valli, Lindalulu, Santiagorlopez, Angelfire and Eunice! I also want to thank Cara and Shahar, staff at Triond for working to resolve these issues. 

Now that everything is settling down its time to mellow out with Mellow Yellow Monday.

This post is linked to Mellow Yellow Monday. Hope you have a wonderful  and blessed Thanksgiving week!



Soft White Clouds Illuminate the Sky

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clouds like angels
Dancing in the sky

With their brilliance
Capture the eye

Illuminating darkness
In a cloud filled sky
Nature by God
Poetry by Judy

Join us in celebrating  Watery Wednesday and have a glorious and blessed week. 


The Golden-Rain Tree Shows Off

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I've watched the golden rain tree from my fourth floor window during my breaks and lunches all year. It is now beginning to lose it's leaves and shiver in the cold. Just for a short time the sun shines on it and it proudly displays its beautiful yellow and golden leaves. Join us and share your splashes of yellow at Mellow Yellow and have a wonderful week!


What are the two tools you cannot live without?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here is a picture of my friend's pug. She is such a sweet dog. Have you ever noticed that you can get up and stay in your pjs all day and a dog really doesn't care? I mean, really! If you leave your hair uncombed (I wouldn't) and your face undone (I would), she wouldn't care or even notice.

She wouldn't, but I would. There are two things I must do before facing the world. I must brush my hair (and teeth) and put on mascara. Yup, I do not feel right without a couple of strokes of mascara. How about you?

What are the grooming tools you cannot live without? This is linked to My Two Questions. I think this is a great theme idea. They've got us all buzzing. Take care & God bless!


Seagulls from afar

If I walk too close, they fly away. My point and shoot camera struggles to try and capture them. For more watery shots join us for Watery Wednesday.


Are we looking through it or at it?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaving work on Friday I am speed walking. I do this all the time, so it wasn't just because I wanted to hurry home. :-) I was on a different floor than normal, so at first glance when I approached this window, I wondered what I was looking at. The office was empty and dark so the atrium was relected in the window.  I like the atrium on our job. It is a nice place to sit down and enjoy visiting or lunch. To share your weekend reflections click the link and join us. I hope the rest of your weekend is blessed.


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