Thankful Thursday ~ God’s Presence

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The day I graduated from high school I turned down a scholarship for art. My father advised me that now that I graduated his obligation was fulfilled so I needed to make my own way. Mother took me to an army recruiting office and I filled out the necessary paperwork, took the exam and the physical and left home.

When I was released from the military, I was in New York. What a culture shock for a small town girl like me. I craved the trees and wild flowers that I had loved. We took weekly walks to the Bronx Zoo. ..

Now I live in a small town in Michigan and know every place within walking distance where a flower grows. I am surrounded by nature and would have it no other way. While city noises jangle the nerves from time to time, nature calmly restores the peace. 


There was something magical about the day
The bluest skies and a sun to show the way
Wouldn’t matter what anyone had to say
I could lose myself watching clouds all day

An angry voice in the distance raised
A woman yelling back half crazed
That’s the problem with a city life
Inter-meshed with other’s strife

But gazing skyward what do I see?
A bit of peace and tranquility
The turmoil that we feel
Suddenly becomes less real

While I sympathize
And truly realize
The pain of marital discord
I am blessed with the presence of the Lord.

Oh if they would take a moment to see
The Lord who loves both you and me
He shines in the clouds and in the sun
And has enough love for everyone

Nature by God ~ Poetry by Judy Sheldon-Walker

Gd bless!


Take Time to Smell the Roses

Monday, June 28, 2010

pink roses

I love roses. I don’t believe there is a color that is not exquisite in a rose. Today I took a vacation day to handle some things I could not handle on the week end and I was blessed with a truly beautiful day to run errands in.

There was a billing error on a medical procedure I had taken so I took it and my insurance card into the office and they found the error and are now rebilling my insurance. I was truly grateful for the kindness and courtesy of the staff there and am sure everything will be resolved.

Two blocks from there I had to pull over and take time to smell the roses. The fragrance was heavenly and I was standing on a sidewalk taking advantage of the beauty cascading over the fence. Awww. ..


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In or Out?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

GEDC9276 When our family visited one of our relatives, as a child, I can remember hearing constantly “go out and play!” After playing for awhile us children would head in to see what the “grown folks” were doing. As our parents saw us coming in we would then hear “Either in or out, which is it?” If we were foolish enough to opt to stay in, we were not allowed to sit amongst the grown folks, but delegated to another room to sit and behave quietly.

There is a similarity in living our lives through Christ. He is either in our lives or out. We can’t taste a bit of “outside” come in, check in with him, then run outside to play again. He has given us a choice to be in or out. Solomon in I Kings 3:3-13, Living Letters,  followed his father's instructions and loved the Lord, however he continued to offer false offerings. So while he obeyed in many aspects he faltered in one. He had offered 1,000 offerings at one of the hilltop offerings where false idols were worshiped.

After wards the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and requested of him what he wanted. The Lord opened his heart when he made this offer to Solomon. Solomon opened his mind to listen to God. He praised God and confessed his own inadequacies asking for wisdom so that he might obey God's commands and govern God's people. Even today Solomon's wisdom is renown.

But Jeremy, our minister gives us a new spin on “in” and “out”. We can have both, but the recommendation is to take knowledge “in”to our minds, and give love “out” from our hearts. This way we can  experience spiritual growth. :-) Now I can “play” both  “in” and “out” and you can play spiritual musings with Ruthi and I at my

May God richly bless you this week end and through the coming week.


Mirror Etchings

Today Jeannie and I met at the Laundromat to wash clothes then went on to have lunch. While ordering my salad I glanced over and noticed the etching on the mirror. One of her hobbies is doing mirror etchings and she created a delightful one for me with Pooh bear so I knew she would appreciate the talent and work that goes into this art.  GEDC9025 She did and there wasn’t just one mirror. There were four!
We both had to have pictures of all four mirrors.

GEDC9029 It was good to see her snapping away as she has had a nasty intestinal bug and is just now getting back on her feet.  Even taking pictures was out of the question. She was just beginning to feel better on father’s day and posted some pictures of her family to her FaceBook account.


If you were wondering where we ate, here’s a clue. :-)
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Electrician in the Sky

Friday, June 25, 2010

GEDC8944 GEDC8941 GEDC8940
GEDC8943 If your a nature lover like me and sit inside all day, you know how antsy you can get. Even with only half an hour for lunch I am heading to the nearest window to the break room to look at “my tree”. I’ve watched this tree through the seasons for the last two and half years. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but I love it. The leaves are soft and fern like so I looked that up in my tree back and got more than one answer. It has almost a tropical look, which we know is not possible in Michigan. I was standing on the fourth floor and this is my view. 

I asked one of the maintenance men one day when they walked by and I won’t tell you what his name for my lovely tree was. He says it makes a mess and he has to clean it up so he had nothing nice to say about it. This day as I looked into my view finder in my camera I was wondering if he had hung fluorescent lights in the sky above my tree. See how the lighting reflects in the pictures? But a friend happened by and showed me that by standing at an angle instead of straight on I could get my tree without the reflections.

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Watery Wednesday in Homer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


To get wet and refreshed visit Watery Wednesday. Don’t forget to get your feet wet. A h h h….



White Wednesday

flowers n skies

White tulips
White sky
White clouds
Rollin’ by

White flowers
White trees
Lookin’ pretty
As you please!

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Ruby Tuesday ~ Vibrant Flowers

Monday, June 21, 2010

red flowers

red flowers1  
red flower2

The vibrant red shades perk up the landscape and made my week end much more colorful. I hope you had a wonderful weekend also.


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Thankful Thursday – Cat Capers

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

cat in the window

Prince Tiger
Queen Cookie If you are fortunate to be “owned” by your cat(s) then you know what a special privilege that is.
You know how to walk through your home taking baby steps because you may be receiving a leg massage as you walk and you do not want to hurt your masseuse.

You are entertained by priceless antics by the simplest things your cat chooses to explore such as a box or a bag. You never know when one of these things might become your cat’s favorite toy and supply both of you with endless hours of entertainment.

You are honored from time to time with a prize of a captured mouse. “Look Mom, what I did!” I had one cat who insisted on leaving these valued prizes on my pillow.

You are taught which spots in your home are the softest and comfiest because your cat will hunt them out and make him or herself to home there. Be careful to look before you plop down after a hard days work, but fortunately for us, cats can move very quickly.

You will be treated to a tongue washing better than your mother could have ever given you. That sand paper tongue is sure to remove every remnant of dirt.

Know that you will not have to sleep alone. One of my cats sleeps at my foot and the other insists on using me as a human pillow. The soft purr has been found to be therapeutic and aid in joint and muscle health.
It is believed that cats purr as a form of meditation and that this may be part of the reason for the agility and fitness. Such wisdom in a simple creature…

I have found my cats to be pretty clever. I caught Tiger, my yellow cat, jumping on the bath mat to slide it over in front of their drinking water. He wanted to sit on a rug, not linoleum. If I had not seen him do it numerous times, I would have thought it was by accident. I finally decided to get the cats there own rug, because he kept moving ours. Now he leaves it sitting right in front of the water dish. If the dish is empty he lifts it with his mouth and throws it into the hallway. Is that so I will see it before I come in the bathroom and bring it in and fill it?  

Jeannie’s cat, S.T.  gives himself a bath and uses the toilet (for the same thing we use it for). Why can’t my cats do that? :-)

While researching for an article about pets awhile back,  I found data stating that owning a pet increases one’s chance of rehabilitation after a hospital stay by 500%. That’s pretty impressive. Our pets lower our blood pressure and make our lives more enjoyable. So why are there so many homeless pets?


Silly Photo Contest

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

  GEDC7843 Beautiful brown inquisitive eyes looked up at me until the camera snapped that is…It also looks like my hands were none too steady.

Looks like a faceless child and a headless dog…

I was getting a bit frustrated by the fast moving dog and my inability to get him in a picture so my son in law came and held him for me. Well this is better. I finally got him later on in the day after the children wore him out.


That’s more my speed. :-) For more silly photos check out Judy at SquirrelQueen. Aw come on, not all your photos come out perfect, do they?


Watery Wednesday

GEDC8072 I stopped at the water cooler to get a drink of water and when I tapped the button the water went right over my head! I immediately thought of our watery Wednesday meme (being the faithful blogger that I am)! I stood back as far as I could reach, gently tapped the button and snapped my camera. I changed my mind about getting a drink.

Not five minutes later a small boy ran up to the fountain and miraculously climbed up it sitting in the basin. He must have been about two. He placed his little mouth near the spigot, pressed the button and got the surprise of a life time. You should have heard him holler! He wasn’t one of mine so I didn’t try to take a picture. He was really wet from head to toe. I hope Mom had a towel because it was a bit windy out.

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Welcome to the Double Digits

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yesterday was a special celebration for Anthony, it marked his tenth birthday. While playing with the grandchildren at the park chosen for the event I noticed a commemorative sign and was touched by the message. So were they.

The parents of a four year old donated all of the park equipment so that children could play and enjoy themselves like their son did when he lived. Their four year old son was taken from them much too early as the result of a car accident. Even in their grief they celebrated life with their donation which was marked with the commemorative sign. I believe that my grandchildren and their friends enjoyed playing in the park all the more knowing of the special significance and extreme generosity of the grieving parents.

The last line of their message pleads with us to enjoy our children, and enjoy we did.

It seemed very fitting to celebrate a birthday here and I’m sure Carter would have enjoyed the party very much. Happy Birthday Anthony!

Carter's Corner Happy bday

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