Thankful Thursday - Imagination

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

 If an image is a reproduction or likeness of something (Webster's Desk Dictionary) then imagination is the mind's ability to form a mental picture.  Isn't this what we do when we thrift shop? We see a scratched book case and imagine it with a new coat of paint, or after being sanded down. 

Don't ask me how many such "projects" I have in my home; a piece of fleece to turn into a baby blanket, a pair of old denim cut offs to turn into a purse...The list goes on. In my mind's eye the shorts are not shorts, but a purse for my grand daughter with a pretty piece of ribbon tied through the waist band and a shiny new key chain dangling from a loop.
An A-shirt was given lace around the neck and became a summer top for another grand daughter, an extra set of sheets become summer curtains. I had no curtain rods handy so I  substituted  dowels and hung them with cup hooks. 

Imagination does not allow us to stop in our tracks. It is the wind in our sails… “What man can imagine he may one day achieve.” – Nancy Hale

and Phillis Wheatley remarked on imagination “O thou, the leader of the mental train.” 
Lead on imagination, I am your willing and eager student.

When I scramble eggs the shells sit in water overnight then are used to water my plants. This coffee container can easily hold them overnight with the lid on to stop kitties from snooping. If you want a narrower spout don’t cut as wide and you will have a finer stream when you pour. 

Take care and God bless!


Watery Wednesday

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GEDC3445 GEDC3447 GEDC3444

For more watery photos visit WateryWednesday.


Wordless Wednesday – Sunset over Vandy

GEDC3590 GEDC3587


Answers to Last Weeks Quiz

Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you played last weeks name that flower quiz here are the answers:
  • red background, lilac petals w/yellow center = avantegard clematis
  • white with a touch of pink in the center and yellow stamen = belle of working clematis 
  • lavendar vareigated petals with the deeply colored center and thin petals in the second layer = empress clematis
  • periwinkle blue wide petals with green stripes in them, then white feathery petals and yellow and green center = crystal fountain clematis

I am pretty sure everyone knows the pictured flowers are daffodils. I want to thank Jeannie for supplying me with flowers to photograph and even a helping hand to hold them still in the fierce wind today.:-)

Gardening Made Easy gives us some tips and info about our pretty ruffled spring flowers:

  • The typical flower is 1 to 3 in diameter.
  • Most bloom one flower to a stem but the 'Texas' offers several to a stem
  • The 'Foundling' measures approximately 6 inches while the 
  • 'St. Keverne' measures 20 in.
  • 'Thalia' is a fragrant species
  • 'Jetfire' is fiery red or orange
  • Toss a handful of 'Homefires' on a slope and let them bloom where they land
  • Smaller daffodils such as 'Jack Snipe', 'Beryl', 'Tete-a`-tete', and 'Baby Moon' work well in rock gardens
  • Do not plant near a shallow rooted tree such as a maple where they will have to compete for water
  • Plant in early fall
  • In most zones if you plant 1 to 2 inches deeper than recommended the daffodils will reward you by returning year after year. 
I hope you enjoy your daffodils. Take care and God bless. 


Wordless Wednesdays - a Bi-color Tree

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wordless Wednesday - Then and Now


Photo Tag

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Isn't this exciting? I remember playing tag with cousins and friends as a child. We would play until it got dark out. There were shrieks of delight when you caught someone and then it would be your turn to run and hide. Often times I would be hoarse the next day from the excited yelling, but I don't think this "tag" is quite the same, but it is fun, nonetheless.

I'm "it". I was "found" tagged, by Judy at Through Squirrel Eyes. If you haven't visited her blog yet, you need to do so (as soon as you get done here, of course!). Her critters, flowers, and scenery will take your breath away. Be careful, if she sees you, we may have another game of tag going on. :-) But I'll play if you want to.

The rules are:
  • Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.
  • Tell us a little about it.
  • Tag five more players
  • Let the fun begin!
    My photo was taken of my catalpa tree. My tree inspires me.  You see the tree seemed to have come from nowhere. A scrawny little tree was growing up through the back corner of our driveway. It had not been invited, and my husband said it had to go. It was cracking the cement.

    I called a man who does odd jobs and hired him to remove it. He used his saw and cut it down as low as he could, then he poured some chemicals on it.

    Doesn't man try to impede our growth at times? He throws some detours in our path hoping we will get out of his way. If God wants you where you are, you will be and He blessed my little tree, which is now taller than my home and still in the back corner of my driveway. Cement, a saw and chemicals did not stop its growth. When I look at my tree I become encouraged to overcome my obstacles.  I anxiously await the beautiful blossoms it gives me each year. Well, that's the story of my catalpa tree.

    Now I was told to tag five people. I kept my word pad on the side and busily copied down blog addresses, but through the week I found that some of the people I selected had been tagged by others, so I removed them from my list. Here are the ones that remain. If you were not included, join anyway. Let's have fun.

    Thanks for playing with me today. Take care & God bless!


    Can you name the flower?

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Jeannie had given us some flower pictures to identify last week and some of you had been adventurous enough to offer your guesses. For the pictures click here.

    Thank you Squirrel Queen, Mumsy, and Doan Legacy for playing. Mumsy has correctly guessed no. 2.

    Because flowers go by so many different names I would not discount anyone's answers, because they very well may be correct. I really appreciate your playing.

    Above we have three new flowers. These  and the one shown here have been borrowed from Summer Stone Nursery. If you can't wait  a week for the answers, you could probably find them in their seed catalog.

    O-k, I'll give you last weeks answers:
    • bells - the green bell shaped flowers
    • tickseed - the vibrant orange
    • redbud - the variegated pinks
    • czarn (cumin)- the blue flower
    Thanks for visiting. Take care and God bless!


    Wordless Wednesday - Come closer

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010


    Wordless Wednesday - Pink Blossoms


    Alliteration Challenge

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    I was out buying a few groceries when a friend called and wanted to have lunch. I was happy to join her, and she is co-conspirator in that she helps me find photo worthy objects so this was going to be fun! It was a challenging day for photography in that it was very windy. I took 113 pictures and had to toss a few, but I still do not regret the adventure. :-)

    I told her about my beautiful starling, and she spotted one sitting in this red tree. This little starling had purple in it's black glossy feathers along with the iridescent gold. Unfortunately the sun was at his back and he sat in the shadows. I talked to him, like Chan said but he only flew away, as if I could coax him into posing for me in more favorable lighting. It was only a thought, which flew away with the bird. 

    Beverly, or Bev, as I call her will pull over at the nearest spot and encourage this love of photography in me. I'm trying to get her online, but she has not purchased the internet yet. Who knows, I may get her blogging yet. Once bit, you can't quit!

    I want to challenge you to an alliteration challenge. How many times can you use the same sound in a post? I don't care which sound you choose. I chose "B" today. Here is my poem:

    Beautiful blossoms bounce on the trees
    Bouncing to a beat caused by the breeze...
    The bold blond blogger braces the branches
    Brandishing her camera as she takes her chances.

    The blazing beautiful tree is brilliantly awesome
    There's a bird, there's a bee lighting on a blossom
    She breaks to the left, she breaks to the right
    With break necking speed captures the beautiful sight.

    Judy Sheldon-Walker

    I hope you enjoy my little poem as much as I enjoyed writing it and look forward to reading yours.

    Take care and God bless.


    Jeannie's Gift - Name the Flowers

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    Jeannie emailed me some pictures of flowers she took. She is already working on her flower beds and had me take some pictures while I was visiting the other day.

    She thought it would be fun for us to guess what these are and she has named them for us, but I won't post the names until next week. Good luck guessing. After you guess, I'll share my score with you. :-)

    For more of Jeannie's pictures check her out at red bubble. She goes by tractor gal there. 


    Dumb Looks are Free!

    I was out doing one of my favorite things, looking for bargains, when I came across words similar to the ones I posted in the first illustration. I got a chuckle out of the sign sitting on the check out counter which read something like "Dumb looks: free, Answers: $1.00, Answers requiring thought: $5.00. Aren't we always looking for something for free, or at least something economically priced?

    For some reason I came upon the second sign in the same day. Is someone telling me something? If you want to eat, you have to pay, but the smells are free, and they were heavenly. It smelled so good I realized I was hungry. I fingered the dollar in my pocket and headed home to cook something.

    When I arrived home I noticed another sign, a sign of God's love. As I peered outside my living room window in between checking on dinner cooking on my stove, I noticed the beautifully designed sky God had created for us. The same sky that canopies my world canopies yours. Isn't our God wonderful? And this is better than a dumb look any day. :-)

    Take care and G♥d bless!


    Wordless Wednesday - Pink Parrot Tulips

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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