Caught red handed!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Creating this bird feeder out of a used water bottle was a labor of love. Besides I told myself not only was I feeding my fine feathered friends but doing a small part in saving our earth by recycling.

I was delighted when just one day later I stepped outside and saw how much had been eaten out of the once full bottle. As I peeked through my living room window to see if I could capture some birds with my camera I noticed the dowel was missing.

I searched the snow under the tree and found it. What kind of prints are these?

I went back inside to watch.

Silly me, I thought just because I made the opening small that it would make the bird seeds inaccessible to all but the
birds. This little red pawed rascal was caught "red handed"! He tipped the bottle to one side and poured the seeds into his mouth. I don't know whose mouth was open wider, his or mine!

After he had pulled on the bottle and gotten all the seeds from it he flung it to the ground and I went outside to retrieve it. I'm not sure if I should put it back outside or not. Plastic may not be a good diet for a squirrel. For much better pictures of squirrels check out
Through Squirrel Eyes.

You will not be disappointed! Take care and God bless!


And then He Broke the Mold!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


God put a camera in my hands and all the sudden now I see...

I find beauty in a puddle, the grace and strength of a tree
The petals of flowers, the blue azure of the sea
The many flecks of color in the eyes of my pet
There is beauty in the future I have not seen yet

There is beauty in the clouds that bring rain from the sky
And graciously God shares with you and I
But what amazes me more than all the wonders I behold
Is that God created us and then He broke the mold.
Beauty by God - Poem by me


Wordless Wednesday - Reflections in the melted snow

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Wordless Wednesday - The Hidden Steeple



The Writer's Dilemma - Will my work be accepted?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A long time ago my parents learned if they wanted to keep me quiet they could hand me a pencil and paper and not hear a peep from me for hours. If you remember, I was a chatterbox. I love writing, always have, always will. 

We HAVE to write!

My fellow bloggers understand that need, compulsion, desire; at whatever level your writing has taken over your life, you understand. Now with blogging we have the wonderful addition of photographing. I never leave home without my camera.

This deer tickled the heck out of me. 

I always drive through this section of town slowly because this little patch of woods sometimes has a deer or two hanging out. I was rewarded with this wonderful playful critter on this particular day as I was returning from church.  The deer poked his head out from one side of the tree and peered at me, then the other. This went on  a few times and I was as thrilled as a toddler playing peek a boo. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my memory stick back in my camera!

Believe it or not I was going somewhere else with this. :-) I have been writing at various sites as you know from my header and side panel. It is a wonderful outlet and  even though I love to write, I need to pay bills.
One of the articles I wrote at ehow has netted me $52.65. Now this is not a lot of money, but I wrote it in August of 2008 and along with 90+ other articles it adds up.  I am receiving a residual income here and unless I close this account, will continue to.

Icy BC, is the one who encouraged me to join there and I owe her my heartfelt thanks. At ehow I met another writer who has been very supportive of all my content there and even at Bukisa. Pam recommended I try Examiner. I applied yesterday and wanted to fill you in on the procedure in case you are interested in spreading your wings.

It is like Triond and Bukisa in that you would receive a percentage of earnings from those under you , so it advantageous to spread the word. I asked Pam to register under me at Triond, and she did. She is already in print! So now it was my turn to register under her.

Once you register you can select your desired topic from a list of those offered. The department you select is the department you are applying for. Then you are asked to write a short article (250 - 300 word count) about that topic and submit it. I do not like to be held down to so few words and love to research and really get into an article, so felt restricted. I hit save and thought I could come back after I did a little research. No such luck.

A red error message came up.

It said in effect "Not so fast, Judy, you have not finished your application." So I grabbed one of the reference books I have at home and researched the topic, completing the article in less than an hour. Also the article cannot  be written in first person. After submitting I received an email from them advising they will get back with me in approximately two weeks. Now I sit with bated breath wondering if I will make it. I am eager to try out new horizons.


Good Morning!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love acronyms. The words are easier to remember and it's fun to have a hidden meaning. This one was so cute, however, I had to share it. 

Offers us His
Devotion to

Make us
Obedient &
Ready for a
New day with Him.
Inspiring to others and
Never forgetting
God loves you and I!

Now when you say Good morning, you can mean it!


Thankful Thursday - Communication

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Have you ever been ordered to be quiet?

    As a child I was no stranger to punishment. If I misspoke I would get back handed. While getting backhanded would cause me to stop and think of ways to avoid getting slapped, I was even more upset when my parents decided to punish us by not allowing us to speak at all. Self imposed silence is one thing but when a child is ordered not to speak it is like placing a lid on a pot over boiling and expecting it to stop the overflow.

    My nickname was chatterbox. Being still or quiet goes against the grain, my grain.

    I am grateful (beyond grateful) for communication whether it is writing or talking. Ways to express oneself are such a gift and one I truly appreciate.

    My five year old grandson called with good news.

    My 5 year old grandson called me on my son, his dad's cell phone. I was at work, so I did not know until I got out of work. I saw the number across my screen and immediately called my son. Chris answers "Mom, I didn't call you." Then Kii peeps up "Whose that, Grandma Judy?" Once he found out I was on the phone he was on it immediately and talking so fast I could not make out what he said. It went something like this "Iwuzgooditschooltday".

    Communicate so I can understand please.

    I had to ask him to slow down. Then I heard his breathless reply. "Grandma Judy, I was good at school today!" I told him how proud I was and would give him a hug and kiss when I got to see him. Remember when hugs and kisses were enough?

    Our communications are sometimes misread.

    Lately I've been reading this book by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages. Wow! So you mean there are more ways to communicate? The book is fascinating. He also has a web site with questions and answers. Gary Chapman is a well known marriage counselor and leads marriage enrichment seminars too. To read excerpts from his book click here.

    The five languages of love consist of:

    1. Words of affirmation
    2. Quality time
    3. Receiving gifts
    4. Acts of service
    5. Physical touch
    Are you and your significant other communicating your love?  Sometimes we get our wires crossed.

    Thanks for stopping by. Take care & and God bless.


    Wordless Wednesday - Branches with Snowy Background

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010


    Wordless Wednesday - Bromelaid


    Cat Cuddling and Crazy Ladies with Cameras

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    I've got a yellow tom cat at home, but he was at home yesterday when I was heading there. I was only two blocks away when I spotted these two cats sitting on this narrow board attached to a fence.

    It was snowing, but I opened my car window for a look.

    Quickly, after pulling over on the side of the road across the street, I feel around in my purse for my camera. I hit the close up button and focus. I took a picture of two cats and then one as the other disappeared.

    The one cat is peering down on the ground so I lower the camera and spot the other one. Poor guy, are you camera shy? It was cold and snowy and you guys were cuddling then this crazy lady with a camera just had to get nosy, didn't she? Sorry, "as you were". I'll leave now.


    Tree Decorated with Black Lace


    How is it that I never noticed this type of tree until this year and now they seem to be every where? Right around the corner from me I spotted this tree with gray bark and furry looking balls hanging from it. The contrast captured my attention. Not having figured out if my new camera has macro or not and if so how to use it I don't know how to explain these buds (?).
    At first it looked like some one had tied pieces of black lace into balls and hung them from the tree. But then my husband gave me a call on his cell phone today and invited me to meet him at one of our favorite places to eat out. So I placed my camera away and drove to the restaurant. I parked right next to one of these trees and had a closer look. This time it looked like someone had crocheted a small ball with black chenille yarn. That would have been a lot of work because it was loaded with them. We split a Wiley potato for our Valentine's lunch then he had to go to work. What did you do for Valentine's day?


    Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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