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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I picked up a book the other day that captured my attention “100 Ways to Motivate Yourself” by Steve Chandler. Unless you are highly motivated and exactly where you want to be in life, I would recommend you pick up a copy too. I have often looked at people who are talented and thought why can’t I be “discovered”? What do they have that I don’t? If you write poetry, have you ever listened to the words of a song and thought, I can do that good. I have dozens of times. So what is holding us back? Not wanting to steal Chandler’s “thunder” I am going to share only a four ideas from his book. Chandler has several other books out, he holds seminars, and will allow you to sneak a peek at some of his materials on his blog:

The Blog that will Knock Your
Mental Limitations to the Stars!

Create a Vision

Create the vision of what you truly want to be, and then live the part. As Chandler warms up in chapter one he advises us to “create a vision”. Chandler interviewed Arnold Schawarzenegger for a newspaper he worked on at the time. It was 1976 and the movie Arnold was playing in had been a big disappointment, but he (Arnold) did not let that deter him. While working hard at body building he had pictured the body he would have and had met his goals. Now he was sure he could apply the same principles and “live into the picture, as if it were already true.” He pictured himself as a top Hollywood star. This is a goal he attained.


Brainstorm alone. Many of us have experienced brainstorming sessions and know that when brainstorming no idea is tossed out. In fact sometimes the most ridiculous idea is the most brilliant and successful. The objective here is to list 20 ideas daily for a week. We cannot limit our self to reasonable sound ideas because then we may overlook the best ideas of all.

Face Your Fears

Overcome your fear. Are you holding yourself back because you have a fear of public speaking, for example? I remember being afraid of public speaking ever since high school, but attending college it was still part of the class requirement. It is only in pushing forward that we release the hold that fear has on us. Start small. Practice your speech in front of friends and family. Have them give you their honest opinion. The more you practice the easier it becomes. Overcoming a fear is exhilarating. You will wish you had tried earlier. So many times we let our fears loom over us. Can you imagine what we could accomplish once we face them down?

Be the Change in Life You Want Others to be

Be the change in life. He quoted Ghandi “You must be the change you wish to see in others.” My minister always states, don’t preach a sermon, live one. This goes back to our first step in creating a vision and living it. We want others to be friendlier, kinder, happier, more peaceful, so shouldn’t we lead by example?

Check out the Blog. Check out the Books, and stop limiting yourself. You are meant for bigger and better things.

Photo sources: Arnold, Brainstorming, & Book


Happy Fourth!

Monday, June 22, 2009

How many have died for ideals such as freedom and independence? Here is a young man who gives honor to those who serve, and I'd like to give honor to him. "All gave some. Some gave all." Thanks Ray Sorensen.

Can you believe that this teen painted this rock entirely by himself. It is truly a labor of love. And by the way, the flag is also painted on. It is actually part of the rock. Teens grab media attention every day for deeds displaying poor choice, but here is one who we should all be proud of.


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Take Time to Laugh

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life can be Discouraging

Sometimes it seems life is not what we think it should be, in fact it can be downright discouraging. I talked to a gentleman who worked in construction the other day. He actually used to make quite a lucrative salary but suddenly jobs were falling away like autumn leaves. His engine blew up costing him over a thousand dollars to repair, and then the furnace went out in his house. His wife got sick and was out of work, but fortunately she is back to work now. He is wondering how he will ever catch up on his bills.

It's not a Laughing Matter

But we laugh. We look for humor. He laughed at the absurdity of it all. We do that sometimes. When we feel like crying, we laugh. It helps us get back on an even keel.

Read a Funny Card or a Shirt

I collected some funny T-shirt sayings and would like to share them with you. Laughter is an excellent way to relieve stress. I even laugh at myself, so that when others are laughing at me, I'm laughing with them. Why not?
I hope you enjoy the sayings. This laugh is on me: Silly T-Shirt Sayings.


He's Always Near

Thursday, June 11, 2009

He heard me sobbing
Just the other day
My Lord, in His wisdom,
Knew just what to say

“Come all ye who labor
And I will give you rest.”
He whispered so sweetly,
As I lay on His breast.

Safe, in His arms,
From all the world's woes
Resting on Jesus,
As His bounty flows

I can't help but praise Him.
His love knows no bounds
His patience endures,
His wisdom astounds.

My tears are all dry now,
And I wonder why. .
I was so foolish
(to sit down and cry). .

God solves my problems
Before they appear,
If I but let him.
He'll always be near.


Judy Sheldon-Walker

There's no greater comfort than resting in God's arms. He puts the love in the hug!


Are You Exhausted?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How did Grandma do it?

I remember spending summers with my grandmother on Grandma and Grandpa's dairy farm. They had over one hundred acres of farmland and several cows, chickens, and rabbits. Grandpa milked the cows and worked the fields, Grandma tended the gardens, rabbits and chickens. She cooked, cleaned and always had time to share sewing and crafts with us. How did she manage?

The Old Fashioned Way

There were no drive throughs (cleaners, fast food, and banks). We simply got out of the car and took car of business. Modern conveniences did not take away from the stress we feel daily. I don't feel like I have one second more time to call my own. Grandma mashed her potatoes by hand. I use a mixer. She made everything the old fashioned way and we sat down to eat together. There was none of that grabbing a plate and sitting in front of the television or computer at Grandma's!


We've allowed ourselves to get distracted by what is happening in various parts of the world and lose touch with what is happening in our very own lives. The media and the internet place the world in our front seat, and we have allowed it to place us in the back. On top of that we have lost the leisure time and replaced it with "to do" lists as long as our arms.

Not just another Group

My cousin sent me an email to join a new group at Facebook. I'll admit that my first instinct was ANOTHER group?? I must belong to well over a dozen now. But she is my cousin. Haven't I sent her invitations to various social and bookmarking sites, so out of loyalty I clicked on the link and opened the site for further investigation.

I have to hand it to Facebook. They are always adding new things to keep our interest picqued, but this organization is about more than interest. It involves refreshing our souls.

Thirst and Hunger are Not Just Physical

Is it hard to remain uplifted and spiritually strong? When we are thirsty, we pause to get a drink. When we are hungry we pause to eat. Often we neglect our spiritual needs and wonder why we are feeling unmotivated. How can we fit in time to take spiritual nourishment? It already seems like the day is well over before half the things on our "to do" list are accomplished.

I'm Exhausted before Night Falls

Well, if you sit at your computer like me, answer numerous emails daily, respond to comments, read and rate articles, research, and write (on top of working full time away from home and taking care of home and family) you know the feeling of exhaustion at night's end. Does that feeling wait until bed time? Probably not. Matthew 11: 28 states:

"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Are we expecting Him to uphold His end of the bargain, but we have never asked?

You Cannot be Shortchanged by Giving to God

It's because we are neglecting ourselves. We take care of everyone and everything, but ourselves, and in the end we are neglecting the most important aspect of our lives, our spiritual needs. We need to renew our soul to have anything left in us to give. Even God knew to rest on Sunday. Is Sunday just another day for you to try and catch up? Also, are you aware that when God instructed us to tithe, it was not with our finances only, but also our time. We will never be shortchanged by giving God.

Maybe I won't stop trying to get a zillion things done on the week end, but what would it hurt to listen to a christian audio while I am searching online and then to pause a moment in prayer?


Download a free audio, listen now or listen later. You can also download the latest catalog. While you are at it sign up for the free monthly newsletter, free downloads of audiobooks and the Guide Post magazine; all free.

Refresh Your Soul

I'm sure my soul will thank me for the refreshment, and yours will too.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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