Writing for Therapy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've come to the conclusion that us writers are a sensitive lot. We seem to be very much in touch with our feelings. How else could we put them into words so well? We hash and rehash thoughts and feelings and have an intense need to see them in print.

This is the day of the computer. You hit submit and someone can read your content in seconds. Sometimes this is awesome and other times this is quite frustrating. Your words are gone from the draft stages to the public eye. Did you say what you meant or are you ambiguous? Were there thoughts still lingering in your mind that never made it to print? That's another reason I find journaling so valuable. You can write it tonight while it is pressing on your mind, and review it tomorrow when the words get cold with a new perspective. What comes alive? What has lost its spark?

I want to share this article with you. How to Journal It is about journaling. The awesome thing about journaling is that the thoughts can belong to you, and you alone and you do not answer to an editor. Nor do you have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings or creating an argument. Misspelled words are perfectly all right and so is poor grammar and punctuation, and you don't have to bookmark. Journaling will give you fresh ideas for writing. You can use it as your springboard. It's also a very inexpensive means of therapy and it is one place you get the last word.

Happy writing.


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