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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rev. Robert Schuller has come up with countless inspirational quotes, so many he published a book full of them. Remember the one "inch by inch everythings a cinch"? If you stop and think about, you know he's right. How often do we look at a task as impossible because we are looking way down the road at countless possbilities. What if this happens or that happens? If we would take the task one step at at a time (inch by inch) it would be so much easier.

We are looking for a new job. The task seems impossible. There are so many more qualified applicants. They seem to be able to interview better, dress nicer, and sell themselves better. We tell ourselves a million reasons why the other person should be hired. Lets "inch" our way into this job.

1. Word of mouth. Talk to friends and find out what is available where they work. Have them put in a good word for you.

2. Talk to supervisors or even coworkers who realize how hard you work. Have them write a letter of reference for you.

3. Look at internet sites that give valuable insight into making that first impression, creating a cover letter and resume that makes you shine, and cinching the deal in an impressive interview.

4. Create an online resume so that you get your profile in the right hands.

5. Follow up your interview with a thank you note. Perspective employers like to know that you appreciate the time they spent with you.

6. Be persistent. Let the future employer know that you are serious about that job. Don't just go to the interview and forget them.

7. Now you've got your foot in the door, be punctual, dependable, and hardworking to work your way up the ladder.
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