Is Santa real?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

People often debate whether they should  teach their children about Santa or not. Personally I took a very similar stance  to the one this reporter did.
"In 1975 two girls wrote to the Flint Journal and asked if Santa was real.
Their letter Read:
"Dear Flint Journal, Me and my best friend are writing to you to ask if there really is a Santa Claus… We watched “Yes, Virginia” and we would like to know if it is true…We know you are busy but we are determined to find out… Please don’t turn us down… Sincerely, Gretchen Gehl and Stacy Fulcher.”
The response from the Flint Journal:
It would be very easy for me to start this letter by simply saying, “Yes, Gretchen and Stacy, there is a Santa Claus.” But I am not going to do that.
I probably would do that if you were “little kids” and weren’t beginning to understand things. But you have shown that you are not “little kids” by writing that letter to The Journal.
Your letter shows that you have taken the first step toward being “grown-ups” or adults. You did that by asking a question about something that was important to you. A lot of people just believe anything that is told them and don’t bother to ask questions. People like that aren’t gown ups, not really.
But people like you, people who are “determined” to get at the truth, don’t deserve to be put off with an “easy” answer. Especially about something as important as whether there is a Santa Claus.
Because you are acting like adults, I am going to treat you like adults and answer the way I would any grown-up. And if you are not satisfied with my answer, I think you should keep asking questions until you have the facts.
Let’s go back in history, 1,600 years ago, to a man – a real man – named Nicholas. He was a bishop of a church in a place called Asia Minor.
This man, this real man, did many good things for people. He didn’t give Christmas presents to children, but he was so loved by the people that, after his death, they made him a “saint.” Many special persons have been honored in this way.
Saint Nicholas meant something important to people. And even though he was dead, the people wanted to keep what he stood for alive. What he stood for was the spirit of giving and making others happy.
The people began observing Saint Nicholas’ birthday by doing the kind of things he did. Making other people happy, especially children.
In one place in Europe, people began giving their children gifts on this saint’s birthday and telling the children the gifts were from Saint Nicholas. Now that was both true and untrue. Remember, I told you this wasn’t an easy question.
It was true because the exchanging of Christmas gifts can be traced to Saint Nicholas. It was untrue because Saint Nicholas was dead.
As the years passed, Saint Nicholas was given many names in many countries. In our country, as you know, he is called Santa Claus.
Parents nowadays tell their little children that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole and visits them every Christmas with a sleigh full of toys drawn by eight reindeer.
You’ll notice Gretchen and Stacy, that I said parents tell this to their “little children.” By this I mean children who haven’t started to read and write and think about things in a grown-up manner.
Which is why I hope you’ll keep this letter among those of us who can be considered as grown-up. Or, at least, starting to grow up.
Here’s why:
Question: Is there a real man name Santa Claus who lives at the North Pole and visits children on Christmas Eve with a sleigh full of toys?
No, Gretchen and Stacy, there is no such man.
Does that answer hurt? Make you angry at those who have told you this is true? Make you feel that Christmas is spoiled?
If it does, maybe you had better stop and think. The way you did when you wrote to The Journal.
Ask yourselves why would anybody – your parents, perhaps – tell you that such a man was real and coming this Christmas if it weren’t true.
Could it be that this was their way of showing their love for you by telling you a beautiful story and making it come true? Of showing you the joy of giving? Could it be that they remember when they lived, ever-so briefly, in that world? Before they, too, started asking questions and going about the business of growing up?
Now let’s ask your questions again. Is there a Santa Claus?
Yes, Gretchen and Stacy, there is, at least for the more fortunate children in our world. This Santa has a lot of names. Mother. Father. Uncle. Friend. Grandmother. Grandfather.
And fortunate children can prove this Santa is real. They can just reach out and touch.
One more thing. Soon, Gretchen and Stacy, there should be two more Santas. Real ones. Their names are Gretchen and Stacy."






Red caboose

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Now to get the camera set
Before bedlam broke loose
This might be her only chance
To not be the caboose


Grandma has a unique weekly challenge consisting of a picture and a bonus word. Use her illustration and your imagination to create a story using 140 characters//words or less. Those bonus word is "bedlam".She calls the challenge succinctly yours and I call it fun! Come join and see how low you can go. 


What's so special?

Monday, November 10, 2014

She traded a gallon of ale
For a story tale


What was this man
Trying to sell dad?
In a square can
Smelling bad...

It held a gallon
Of special home brew
But why it was special
He never knew.


Grandma has a unique weekly challenge consisting of a picture and a bonus word. Use her illustration and your imagination to create a story using 140 characters//words or less. She calls the challenge succinctly yours. Come join and see how low you can go. 

Silly me, I got this ready to post yesterday, or so I thought, but my 2 year old granddaughter was sitting on my lap and decided to hit a few choice keys. I completely forgot that one of them, keys that is, can turn off your internet. While pondering this throughout my workday I remembered doing this myself by accident once and decided to check when I got home from work.


Alert! Alert!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not being alert
The wind caught her skirt
While she smiled away
The rest of her day.


Alert! Alert!
She lifted her skirt
She danced in joy
A new baby boy!


She grabbed her horn
To blow an alert
Early this morn
A worker was hurt.


Grandma posts a weekly challenge with a picture called succinctly yours. We match our story of 140 characters/words or less with her picture. How low can you go? 


Quibbling or Nibbling?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

She signed up on ten matchmaking sights
With never a nibble
And now she was anxious to meet her match
Even if he looked like dribble



Never anything more than a nibble
But he had no time to quibble
He'd catch a ride back into town
Where some real fish could be found



She took a big bite
Then just a nibble
It was time to move on
Not time to quibble
Then there he stood
Just outside her window...


Grandma offers a weekly micro-fiction challenge called succinctly yours. She provides the photo and we provide our imagination in writing a short story of 140 characters or words or less. Our bonus word is "nibble". How low can you go?


These Boots aren't Walking

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The abusive relationship caused emotional distraught
He stacked his boots in an effort not to be caught



He stacked the boots
Like details in life
Ever so perfect
Matching his wife
Knowing she was leaving
Caused him distress
An upheaval ..a mess!



Hidden in plain sight
Was the best way
He'd never find them
While on display
'Membering the upheaval caused
Now he'd think his boots were lost


Grandma has outdone herself this week with her challenge.  The photo above requires a story containing 140 characters/words or less. The bonus word is "upheaval."  You can see that I didn't work it into the first poem. Visit Grandma at succinctly yours and see how low you can go. 

Thanks for your visit. Take care and God bless!


Banish the Thought!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Banish the thought that Mark be her beau
Her marriage selection was made long ago



If she didn't agree
Where would she be
Banished from all she knew
And her family...


The beloved ceremony might soon be banished
And their rich history vanished

Lets remember to give honor to our heroes today. Originally Memorial  day was called Decoration Day and was created to honor those we lost during the civil war. Many men and women have fought and died selflessly for our country and this is a day set aside to honor them. 

Grandma offers a weekly challenge at succinctly yours. She provides a photo and requests that we write a short story using 140 characters or words to describe it. How low can YOU go?


Grouchy no more

Monday, May 19, 2014

Glancing over old photos
She remembered the love they shared
Mr Grouchy she called him
But she knew he cared.



Walking hand in hand
Feet upon the sand
She was grouchy no more
With the warmth of the shore.  



How could one feel grouchy
How could one fee sad?
With the warmth of sunshine
Life wasn't so bad!


Grandma offers a weekly challenge at succinctly yours providing a photo and requesting that we write a short story using 140 characters or words to describe it. How low can YOU go?


Flea Ridden

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lay down with dogs
get up with fleas
Facts he could verify
As nice as you please



He'd be better by and by
Once he got out of this rut
And found a better place for his you know what



He hoped this insect was no tick
He needed a doctor to verify it
He took this job to dog sit
But if it was, he would have to quit


Grandma gives us a weekly challenge to create a story from her weekly picture using 140 characters/words or less. For extra fun, incorporate her bonus word, which this week is "verify". It's called succinctly yours

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Life on an Even Keel

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life was a bit unreal
Not on an even keel
So from his perch on high
He would say his last good by



Harold built houses for birds
And wasn't much for words
If the pole was on an even keel
Then he would cut a deal



Oh my, why did he look down?
It's so far to the ground!

Now his stomach's feeling queasy
Dinner sits uneasy
And life's on an uneven keel!



He felt down
Knocked to the ground
Life kind of off keel
Given a raw deal

But why a healthy tree?
The beauty that it held
Again will never be


Grandma gives us a weekly challenge to create a story from her picture using 140 characters/words or less. For extra fun, incorporate her bonus word, which this week is "keel". It's called succinctly yours. Hope you had a great Easter weekend and a blessed week. Mine was awesome. 

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